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Summer Camp Waiting List

As of 05/31/2024, our Summer Camp Program is full. If you would like to add your child to the waiting list for our Summer Camp Program, please click here - (WAITING LIST SIGN-UP).

PLEASE NOTE: Adding your child to this waiting list does not guarantee them a spot in our Summer Camp Program. Children on the waiting list may only be contacted during the first week of camp if another camper that was previously registered doesn't attend.

Summer Camp Information

Camp Dates and Time
June 10, 2024 - July 26, 2024
6:30am - 6:00pm

Camp Rate and Fees (Self Pay)
Two Years Old - $180.00, per week + $60.00 Registration Fee

Three Years Old - $160.00, per week + $60.00 Registration Fee

Four-Year-Old - $160.00, per week + $60.00 Registration Fee

Five thru Sixteen Years Old - $110.00, per week + $60.00 Registration Fee

Weekly Field Trips - Varies by Trip