Mr. Brandon Fox

Middle School English

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Brandon Fox has been teaching for more than 15 years to students all ages in the United States and in different countries around the world. He grew up in the beautiful state of Maine, where he did all his schooling, elementary through university. He graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in education and worked with high school students at different sports camps during the summer months while in college. After graduating from university in the summer of 1990, he decided to go to a ministry school, named Morning Star Ministries, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. There he studied, taught and established life long friendships, while growing in the knowledge of Lord. Once two years were up at Morning Star, he moved around the United States connecting with different ministries, exploring different parts of the country, and meeting interesting fascinating people along the way. Brandon has managed to live in or travel through about forty different states, and has come to appreciate the vastness and beauty of this country we call home. After a couple years of bouncing around the United States and teaching in a few of them, he decided to take his adventurous ways overseas. Brandon took his knowledge and experience in teaching while in the USA, to different countries around the world. He found himself teaching and traveling through most of Asia, to the South Pacific, to parts of Central America, and to most of Europe. During these years of traveling to other countries, and experiencing other cultures, Brandon came away with a broader view of the world, an appreciation of eating very unique types of food and wonderful interesting relationships. Brandon is a traveler, an adventurer, a reader, loves movies of old and new, chills out with music of all genres, plays and watches all types of sports, a foodie and loves to connect with this generation and next. Life is a series of continual amazing moments, one right after another: live life to the fullest.

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