Mr. Kajuan Harden

Middle School History

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Mr. Kajuan Harden is a native of Jacksonville Florida and joined the Cornerstone faculty in
August of 2021.
Mr. Harden currently teaches 6th-8th grade History at Cornerstone’s Southside
Campus. Mr. Harden attended Jacksonville University and received his Bachelor of Arts in
English in 2010. Prior to joining Cornerstone Mr. Harden was an English Language Arts teacher
at Westside High School.

Mr. Harden and his wife Jaysmond live in West Jacksonville with their three children Trevor (16),
Jamia (10) and Kyle (6). When Mr. Harden is not teaching, he enjoys hobbies such as watching
the sports, grilling or spending time with his family. Mr. Harden is in his eleventh year of
Education and enjoys helping kids reach their dreams.