Ms. Lidia Aleman

3rd Grade Teacher

Degree: Master of Arts

Ms. Lidia Aleman has been a educator for over twelve years and has taught grades ranging from 1st Grade to 5th Grade. She believes that each child is unique with a special talent and works to help each develop their individual talents and gifts. She loves working with children and has extensive experience working with exceptional students. She has two children of her own. Her faith and commitment to her students is what sets her apart from anybody else.

Ms. Aleman received her Masters Degree in Corporate communications from Fairleigh Dickenson University and her Bachelor Degree in Advertising from Hartford University. She is currently working on completing her Masters Degree in Education. Ms. Aleman also has an extensive background in graphic arts.

At age 12, Ms. Aleman came to the United States alone from Honduras and was adopted. This and her other childhood experiences helped her former a unique world view and perspective. Her life experiences and willingness to share make her a delight to speak with and learn from. She is a well rounded individual who lives with passion, dedication, and grace.