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Admission Process

(1) Schedule a Campus Tour 
You can schedule a Campus Tour by contacting our office at (904) 730-5500.

(2) Apply to Cornerstone
Submit the completed Enrollment Packet to the School Office.

(3) Submit Documents
Submit a copy of all required documents to the School Office for review. 

Required Documents for all Students

1. Student’s Registration Application Agreement

2. Financial Policy Acknowledgment

3. Birth Certificate

4. Social Security Card

5. Shot Record (Form: 680)

6. Physical Exam (Form: DH 3040) (Completed within the past 12-months)

7. Primary Parent’s Driver License

8. Student’s Most Recent Report Card (For Students Enrolling in 1st Grade thru 9th Grade)

9. Student’s Standardized Test Scores (For Students Enrolling in 3rd Grade thru 12th Grade)

10. Student’s Most Recent Transcript (For Students Enrolling in 10th Grade thru 12th Grade)

11. Scholarship Award Letter